Kingston Rudieska with No.1 Korean & Cho Deok Hwa

Today Korea Gig Guide presents a bit of information on No.1 Korean‘s impending 3rd album showcase: No. 1 Korean Album Release Concert. Although I have yet to find any more details on the album from the “Exciting Rock’n Roll Ska Punk Band”, I’m assuming it will be out soon enough. A music video for new album song ㄱ.ㄴ.ㄷ (Korean Alphabet) was released little over a week ago and is now available with English subtitles. The song in question features rapper Koonta as well as Kingston Rudieska‘s Lee Suk-yuel.

Also working with Kingston Rudieska is old timer Cho Deok Hwa of Deulgukhwa fame. On January 27 he released an album called Long Way Home featuring fellow former Deulgukhwa members Choi Seong Won and Joo Chan Kwon. Kingston Rudieska are featured on an updated version of 세계로 가는 기차 simply going by the name of 세계로 가는 기차 2010.

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