The Best Korean Albums of 2010

When a year comes to an end it is not uncommon to find lists over the best albums from the year in question. I’ve compiled a few lists of my own over the years, and for 2010 my picks were posted over at London Korean Links: LKL Critics’ Choice 2010: Anna Lindgren.

아폴로 18
For the second year in a row the clear winner to me was Apollo 18‘s Red.

전국비둘기연합 - EmpathySunkyeol EP옐로우 몬스터즈 (Yellow Monsters) 1집잠비나이 (Jambinai) - 잠비나이
Other releases I’d highly recommend come from National Pigeon Unity, Sunkyeol, Yellow Monsters and Jambinai and the post also includes another bunch of recommendations for titles that while great didn’t quite make it to the top 5.

As usual other people too contributed with a few choices for LKL.

Smacksoft - 3집 - Shines In The Dark (2010)Youn Sun Nah - Same Girl3호선 버터플라이 - Nine Days Or A Million
Philip Gowman, mr. LKL himself, was particularly fond of Smacksoft, Youn Sun Nah, and 3rd Line Butterfly: LKL Critics’ Choice 2010: Philip

나루 (Naru) 2집 - Yet규원 1집 - 두 번의 겨울이 만든 이야기
Saharial thought that both Naru and Kyu Won had offered really good albums: LKL Critics’ Choice 2010: Saharial

이아립 (Earip) - 공기로 만든 노래시와 (Siwa) 1집 - 소요 (逍遙)아이앤아이 장단 (I And I Djangdan) 1집 - 인도 (GUIDANCE)국카스텐 (Guckkasten)- Guckkasten
And for the first year refresh_daemon of Init_Music shared his picks, landing on fairly recent albums from Earip, Siwa, I&I Djangdan and Guckkasten: LKL Critics’ Choice 2010: refresh_daemon
3호선 버터플라이 - 전 정규앨범 리마스터링 박스세트
Much like Philip, refresh_daemon found himself enjoying the music of 3rd Line Butterfly during 2010, however being more intrigued by the band’s remastered back catalogue.

Of course there have also been lists of noteworthy albums posted outside of LKL.

프렌지 (Frenzy) - Nein Songs한희정 - 잔혹한 여행옐로우 몬스터즈 (Yellow Monsters) 1집
Chris Park may have been the first out with his list for wakesidevision: My Best of 2010. Although not solely focused on Korean music it does include some Frenzy, Han Hee Jeong, and Yellow Monsters.

가을방학 - 가을방학디어 클라우드 (Dear Cloud) - Take The Air안녕 바다 1집 - City Complex소히 (Sorri) 2집 - Mingle데이브레이크 (Daybreak) 2집 - Aurora
Occasional Indieful ROK contributer Widhi posted her picks on her on blog just the other day: [Widz Review] My Favorite Albums in 2010. Her list includes albums and EPs from Autumn Vacation, Dear Cloud, Bye Bye Sea, Sorri, and Daybreak.

가을방학 - 가을방학
Autumn Vacation also came out on top when photographer Esthero listed his choices. His comments are all in Korean, but the full list could be worth a look anyway. As his list on the best Korean shows of 2010:
2010 Esthero Award – 올해의 앨범 (국내).
2010 Esthero Award – 올해의 공연 (국내)

More memorable concerts from the year that just passed have been listed over at the Korea Gig Guide: KGG Staff 2010 Live Faves

아폴로 18캐스커 5집 - Tender
Looking for top songs rather than albums, 10Asia asked two actors with a good taste in music for their top song picks of 2010.

Turns out I share a favorite song with Sunkyungwan Scandal‘s Yoo Ah In, that in addition to Apollo 18‘s Warm also listed songs from Seoul Electric Band, Jang Phil Soon, Sister’s Barbershop, and The Black Skirts: Actor Yoo A-in’s Song Picks

Gong Yoo turned out to be a fan of Lucid Fall and listed songs from Park Ji Yoon, Yoon Sang, Casker, Mate, and New York Fish: Actor Gong Yoo’s song picks

Glittering Blackness, Fall
Oh, and The Silent Ballet decided that the 95th best release of the year (world wide) was Glittering Blackness, Fall‘s untitled & self-released debut EP: The Top 100 Releases of 2010: 100-91

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  1. saharial

    i’m definitely starting to lean more into indie than pop these days. I like my pop, but i ike it to have quality! I was always into rock/metal/goth/industrial dance at uni but other than that can be quite eclectic. More of an individual song person than a wholealbum :)
    Happy New Year ^^

  2. helikoppter

    @saharial I feel like I need to broaden my view a bit, and seeing your Leessang recommendation made finally decide to add it to my YesAsia shopping cart ^^
    Happy New Year!

    @LKL Any time! And thanks for telling me Mark’s list is on the way. Today I recalled there were another few posts I should’ve included here but then I can just wait another while. Really curious about is picks too, as usual.


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