2010 Bugs Indi Music Awards result

As the year comes to an end there’s not just a surge in holiday related album releases, but also a bunch of awards being handed out. Bugs Music had its users vote for top song in several categories, and the result was published last week. Here’s what happened in the indie section:

2010 Bugs Indie Music Awards
1. Lucid Fall – 고등어 [MV]
2. 10cmGood Night [live]
3. Springloll – 허밍 [MV]
4. Dalmoon – 옥상달빛 [on Sketchbook]
5. Kyu Won – 기찻길 [MV]
6. Misty Blue – 하나
7. Daybreak – 팝콘 [MV]
8. Dr.Core 911The Escape [MV]
9. Mono Diary – 추억이라 부르는 이름의 노래 [MV]
10. cheezstereo – 화성 로맨스 [MV]

Here’s a YouTube playlist in case you want to watch all related music videos in one session:

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