Mini-Interview with The Quip

더 큅 (The Quip)
A few days ago I shared my enthusiasm over rock act The Quip, that released its first EP little over two months ago. In what little time has passed since, The Quip entered the list over my current favorite bands. Of course I was eager to find out more, and the band’s drummer swiftly ensured that my questions were answered:

Could you please start by presenting the members of The Quip?
라선호(Rah Seon-ho)- vocal/djembe
배주연(Bae Ju-yeon)- guitar
이동영(Lee Dong-young)- Bass guitar
구교선(Koo Kyo-seon)- Drum
mosey- Piano

The band was formed in 2007. The members all met at a bar and that’s where we meet now.

Each of us have a pretty distinct personality from one another, but we all unite with the love of drinking. First off, Juyeon drinks a lot and lasts long. Often times, she beats up her guy friends who are older (Joke). Dongyoung looks like an angel, but curses like a sailor. She claims that she owns a dictionary of profanity. Kyoseon is a fanatic of animation and obsessive user of computers, which explains his vast database of all kinds of information. Sadly, he delivers useful information only once in a while. Mosey has a massive penchant for food and has a face that everyone falls in love with. However, we feel bad for her boyfriend who pays for her dedication to food (Joke). Rah is an avid drinker and sometimes (not all the time) called an alcoholic. Although he is well-behaved most of the times, he seldom loses it and people start to avoid him (Half joke, half serious.).

How would you describe your music?
We can’t strictly define it, but it is loosely based on a psychedelic-grunge-experimental sound and we go freely from there. We don’t like to confine ourselves yet. We still have many things we’d like to try, so stick around and keep supporting us and our music.

For Almost The Same you worked together with Jelly Boy. How did you get him involved and what did he add to the production?
We met Jelly Boy at a bar in the winter of 2008. We hung out a lot drinking and talking about music. One day, the making of our EP was brought up and when we asked for his input, he said yes.

Jelly Boy is responsible for mixing and mastering of the entire album and also played guitar for the song, Butterfly Case.

Jelly Boy is a natural born musician, so he brought a lot to the table and made the whole process that much more enjoyable. We all hope he could be a part of our next album as well.

What is the story behind “Sorry, Jane We are Alcoholics”?
The title “Sorry, Jane. We are Alcoholics” carries the overall concept of our EP. When we were making the album, we all drank a profuse amount of alcohol and got involved in all kinds of mishaps with other people. So the phrase really rang true to us. Quite possibly, our next album will be called “Don’t clap, Marie”.

The Quip’s use of djembe is definitely a mood setter that puts the band apart from others, but they’ve certainly got a lot of other things going for them as well. Personally I was particularly happy about the reply to the second question – already they’ve successfully showed quite a variety within the styles they loosely confess to and it makes me really curious about the range of awesomeness they can accomplish in the future. Most definitely a band to keep an ear open for!

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