Introducing The Quip

더 큅 (The Quip) - Almost The Same
June 29, rock quartet quintet The Quip self-released an EP called Almost The SameHyang Music has samples for every song. It was mixed and produced by Jelly Boy, so I’ve been meaning to check them out for a while now. Yet it wasn’t till this morning when I found that ready4d had uploaded some new clips with them that I actually gave them a listen. Turns out I’ve really been missing out on something!

The Quip SSamzie Sound Festival 2010 audition:
1. 1218
2. Butterfly Case
3. Custard Pie
4. Shaking the Universe

To me the sound of The Quip reminisces the post-punk/grunge offered by The Plastic Day, with the occasional Blue Album style Apollo 18 on top. As anybody attending the joint The Plastic Day & Apollo 18 show in May could witness it’s a successful combination, but The Quip also brings some energy and style of their own in the mix. And djembe.

If you want to hear more there’s plenty on YouTube. The official Facebook page too offers some audio samples.

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