Cho Duk Bae artist series CD to be released

조덕배25th 기념앨범
Nearly nine months after the release of the first part for Cho Duk Bae‘s 25th anniversary album, the full album has been released. The digital version has been available since August 27 and the CD release is scheduled for September 9.

In addition to W&Whale‘s take on 슬픈 노래는 부르지 않을거야 and 뒷 모습이 참 예쁘네요 as performed by The Black Skirts, the 10 songs strong tracklist also includes female singer/songwriter Yang Yang singing 나풀거리듯.

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  1. austin


    this is nothing to do with the actual article, but I just wanted to compliment the two of you for creating such a wonderful site. You guys really fill the niche of trying to find decent korean indie music (literally, I think yall are the only website that isn’t some girl’s livejournal kpop collection). Keep up the good work guys.

    I’ve got some minor connections out in Korea regarding the music industry (grandpa works with MBC’s music broadcasting, and an uncle is a well respected singer that’s been active since 2001). If you guys have any questions or requests, or want to just shoot the shit about music or life in general, feel free to contact me. And once again, thanks for this site.. I feel like something like this could be really marketable in South Korea as I haven’t been able to find any other sites as comprehensive as this.


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