JamBiNai’s debut EP out soon

잠비나이 (Jambinai) - 잠비나이
The ambient/post-rock-ish traditional Korean music trio JamBiNai (잠비나이) will release its debut EP on August 25. Although not counting more than three tracks, the self-titled release still achieves a play time over 35 minutes.

The EP’s first track, 손끝에서 손끝으로, accompanied Indieful ROK’s JamBiNai mini interview in a live recording (download here). To get a better idea of the energy offered in second track 나부락, there’s YouTube. And finally for a taste of the 17 minutes strong 나무의 대화 YouTube is helpful as well: part 1 : part 2. Visit MySpace for brief samples of the studio recorded tracks.

I’ve been listening to the EP over the last couple of days and with their truly unique sound and tasteful sense of melody it’s something I’d definitely recommend. Also I love how the blobs on the cover actually can be seen as the three members playing their instruments.

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