Enthusiastic reviews for Vidulgi OoyoO and Ninaian

비둘기 우유 (Vidulgi Ooyoo) & Bliss.City.East - Bliss City East 그리고 Vidulgi Ooyoo니나이안 (Ninaian) - For A Little Cruise
A couple of enthusiastic reviews covering rock in the shoegaze/post-rock spectrum showed up online during the week:

Shoegaze and dream pop blog when the sun hits spelled out “A-M-A-Z-I-N-G” when summarizing the bliss.city.east/Vidulgi OoyoO split album: Album Review: Bliss.City.East/Vidulgi OoyoO. Split EP.

And in similar terms, over at wakesidevision Ninaian‘s debut effort was judged “absolutely amazing”: Ninaian – For A Little Cruise Review

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