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K.O.A. Zine has been updated with yet another very interesting interview, including some Korean indie music history. This time the interview subject is 3rd Line Butterfly‘s Sung Kiwan: Sung Kiwan: Renaissance Man of Hongdae

For more questions and answers, over at Omona They Didn’t! there’s a translated 10Asia interview with Kim Jae Wook, that still seems best known for his part in 2007 drama Coffee Prince. It deals mostly with his acting career, but there’s a fair bit on the music side – including his band Walrus – as well: 10Asia Interviews the Waffle Boy

Thanks to sarangingayo, another piece from 10Asia was brought to my attention: CHANG KIHA & THE FACES to debut into Japan in October. Turns out Chang Kiha & The Faces will have both the sold out 2008 single 싸구려 커피 and the sold out first full length album, 별일 없이 산다, released in Japan in a couple of months.

And while on the subject of Japan, Ken of highly esteemed blog Japan Live recently shared some impressions from the music scene in Korea: My Seoul

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  1. wassereis

    ah, I always wonder how people find that english translated 10Asia stuff, I always just find the korean ones orz

    P-vine Records twittered about dates. 11/3 album 별없이 산다 release and 11/23 performance in Japan. just don’t know how reliable that info is.

    I just wonder if Joong Yub goes to Japan, will ‘Oh Ji Eun and wolves’ stop for a moment? but maybe he’ll manage to do both >_>?


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