Bugs Indie Music Chart w15

The two top tracks remain the same as last week on Bugs’ indie music chart.

Bugs Indie TOP10 – April 15, 2010
1. cheezstereo – 화성 로맨스 [MV]
2. Julia Hart – 하얀 마법 속삭임 [Hyang]
3. Sweet RevengeReal One [Hyang]
4. Mysterious Curtain – 잠
5. 초면 – 초면 (band version)
6. Burning Heart1729
7. In Flower – 리나
8. Misty Blue – 기억은 겨울보다 차갑다
9. Broccoli, you too? – 유자차 [@ Bbang]
10. Melancholy StudioMelancholy Studio

The new additions to the TOP100 list are the following:
27. Vidulgi OoyoOMosquito Incognito [@ Bbang]
55. bliss.city.eastStop Clock [MySpace]
56. DJ Ahn Kwa Jang – 체리파이
76. Maroo – 첫 키스 하던 날 [MV]

See the full top 100 list here.

초면 - 초면Female fronted indie pop band 초면 released a self-titled digital single on April 12. In addition to the self-titled song that made it to the top 10 this week, the single also holds acoustic and pop versions of a track called 마중 – sample it in this High Kick Through The Roof MV.

멜랑콜 리 스튜디오(Melancholy Studio) - Melancholy StudioAnother band with a self-titled track on a self-titled digital single is Melancholy Studio. The single has been out since April 14 and it appears the music offered by the quartet could fall under the indie rock category.

DJ 안과장 1집 - 미인은 롸커를 좋아해DJ Ahn Kwa Jang released his first full length album, 미인은 롸커를 좋아해, on April 13. From what I can tell it’s his first official release since 2007 debut single 솔솔랄라솔솔미, from which only 기타를 치고 made it to the album. He’s supposed to have some kind of hybrid sound, but of what exactly I can’t tell. At least orienkorean described his music as “Korean mash-up alt-pop” when sharing the video to 왜 내여자랑 a couple of years ago.

마루 (Maroo) 3집 - RememberRock band Maroo released third full length album Remember on April 7 and it includes all titles from last year’s 어려운 Love Song single. This is their first album since the release of Holic in 2000. Check out the official YouTube channel to hear their current sound.

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  1. janet

    Thanks for Maroo’s yt! I’m so happy to see them on the chart, maybe someday we’ll see Dryflower or Might Coala up there too~~


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