Videophile: April 1-15, 2010

Hi! Hope you are all well.:]
Here are the first batch of videos for this month.
To play the playlist, click the play button and navigate back and forth using the arrows on the sides of the box. Videos older than this month will have a * next to them.

In order of appearance:

Cheez Stereo – Mars Romance [MV]
From their 4 track single album of the same name, Mars Romance.

EZ Hyoung – 메탈포크쥬니어의 여름 [game clip]
This great song appears in the Korean game Fiery Concert and is also on EZ Hyoung’s second album, Spectrum.

Vanilla Lucy – 비행소녀 [MV]
This lovely new girl group has debuted with a refreshing new sound in their music. Let’s give them a chance! This song is their first single.

Broccoli, You Too? – 유자차 [live perf.]*
As Anna posted earlier, 유자차 (yoo-ja cha) made it onto the Bugs Indie Music Chart this month. The title of the song is ‘Citron Tea’, which is very delicious and has the magical ability to cheer you up when you are sad (for me anyway), it can be served hot or iced depending on your preference. The song is on their first album.

Deafening Street – Hard To Break [live perf.]
Consistently great. This song is on their first album, In The Deafening Street.

DJ Soulscape – Jasmine [MV]*
Searching for artists under the Master Plan label, I stumbled over DJ Soulscape. This song is from his first album, Lovers.

Galaxy Express – Bye Bye Planet [live perf.]
It’s a great performance, don’t miss it!

Amateur Amp – 참한남자, 전태일 [living room clip]
A song about ‘Nice Guy, Cheon Tae Il’.

The Sagitta – Ukulele Song [beach clip]*
With a couple small NGs near the end, a cute little song on the beautiful beach. Ah, feel the breeze!

Miji- K.New [MV]
In a kind of 12 Girls Band fashion, this group plays traditionally-influenced music with a new age feel. Very pretty! This song is on their first album, The Challenge.

Outsider feat. Ilac – 바람이 불면 너가 떠올라 [MV]
Although Outsider has achieved idol level of success (like Epik High) he is still signed with an independent label, so I continue to post his videos. This song is on his new mini-album 2.5 The Outsider.

Siberian Husky 2nd album trailer/showcase promo [clip]

Eva53 – Kiss [MV]
A sweet debut from a new female indie singer. From her 3 track first single album, The First – Kiss. The dreamy sounds are so nice…

BeGanWho – [backstage footage MV]*
This is a new band that came to my attention in the ‘recommended for you’ section. This rock group makes music in the classic rock style, I would liken to Boohwal.

This month many live shows were uploaded. Since I could not include them all the in general playlist (it would be too cluttered) I decided to organize them into their own playlists.

Acoustic to Jazzy show: Broccoli, You Too?, Clazziquai Project, Winterplay, jazz singer Woong San
Melancholic Flowers show: Loro’s, Swallow, MOT, Lune, 3rd Line Butterfly, and Huckleberry Finn
Black Wallpaper show: National Pigeon Unity, Galaxy Express

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