Bugs Indie Music Chart w11

Not that much new music on Bugs’ indie chart this week, but what appears to be three splendid returns from gifted artists can all be spotted in the top 10.

Bugs Indie TOP10 – March 18, 2010
1. FinYES [MV]
2. Moonlight Nymph – 축배
3. Siberian Husky – 안녕, 레옹 [MV]
4. Sorri – 그럼 그렇지 [MV]
5. No Brain – 수원의 전사들이여
6. Misty Blue – 기억은 겨울보다 차갑다
7. Mono Diary – 추억이라 부르는 이름의 노래 [MV]
8. NellStay [MV]
9. Broccoli, you too? – 앵콜요청금지 [@ MBC nanjang]
10. Gogoboys – 비가 내리네 [live]

The new additions to the TOP100 list are the following:
11. Fin – 비밀산책
18. TV YellowCashmere [audio]
35. Sorri – 좋아 [MV]
38. Sorri – 산책 [@ GMF 2009]
66. 3rd Line Butterfly – 스물 아홉 문득 [MV]
82. Hockee – 일요일

See the full top 100 list here.

핀(Fin) - YESAfter disappearing from the top 10 late December, mellow singer/songwriter Fin is now back with YES – title track from the digital single with the same name released March 11. Like his two previous singles, 3rd single Yes is a two track release and B side 비밀산책 too was fairly popular this week. As was some of his old songs as they’ve re-entered the chart on lower positions.

소히 (Sorri) 2집 - MingleOn March 11, singer/songwriter Sorri has made a return with her bossa nova infused music as her second full length album, Mingle, got a digital release. Five days later, March 16, the CD version was out and if the videos above are not enough, Hyang also offers a short sample for new album track Boa Tarde.

미스티 블루 (Misty Blue) - 4/4 Sentimental Painkiller - 겨울은 봄의 심장March 17 the time had come for the final part of modern pop band Misty Blue’s 4 EP series, winter’s 4/4 Sentimental Painkiller – 겨울은 봄의 심장. Even before release rumor had it this was the best part of the series, and comments from fans seem to indicate this is indeed the truth.

4 Comments Bugs Indie Music Chart w11

  1. Luis ChangMin

    Bout the new Misty Blue EP: JJANG! Seriously, the best one from the 4 EPs.
    I was missin Fin, but I didn’t like at all this new digital single.

    Thanks for the news…o

  2. helikoppter

    I still haven’t been able to really get into their EP series, but then again I haven’t had a chance to listen to 4/4 yet. Perhaps I should give it more time.
    But for those of you that’ve already heard 4/4 – would you say it’s on par with their first or 1.5 or is it just that it’s better than the previous 1-3/4?


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