Apollo 18 updates and live reports

Apollo18 - The VIOLET EP release show
Over at the Korea Gig Guide, Shawn Despres has posted a bit on Apollo 18 where you can learn not just what they’ve been up to for the past 5 months but also find out what they’ll do if they win any of the KMA categories they’ve been nominated in: Apollo 18: Rookies Of The Year.

The post is there to remind you of Apollo 18’s Violet release show tonight – the reason why I decided to plan my first vacation to Korea of the year (it was so good to come here my first time in October that I realized once a year couldn’t be enough..) to include this particular weekend. Expect a live report from me to show up on Facebook some time tomorrow.

If you decide to check out the Indieful ROK Facebook page already today you will find live reports from the past couple of days:
Lune & Ynot? @ Live Club SSam (18/2/2010)
Osoyoung, Lucid Fall & Thomas Cook @ Sangsang Madang Live Hall (19/2/2010)

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  1. janet

    I found videos of the apollo 18/national pigeon unity show!^^ (I didn’t notice them on the lineup when I looked at this poster last.
    will be in the next video post.


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