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Been keeping busy the past few days so the indie chart from Bugs is a bit delayed. One interesting thing this week is that more old songs from YNot?, not just from Green Apple where 파랑새 was featured, but also from most recent album The Haze Rhythm have made it to the chart. Although three of them had been there before and didn’t make it high enough to be visible below.

Bugs Indie TOP10 – February 11, 2010
1. Hwang Eun Ji – 니가 떠나가긴 떠나갔구나
2. YNot? – 파랑새 [live]
3. SerengetiHello, Bye…
4. Dalmoon – 옥상달빛 [@ Club Bbang]
5. Zooropa YellowGotta Let’ Cha (feat. Outsider & LMNOP)
6. TV YellowFaster [Hyang]
7. Lucid Fall – 고등어
8. Broccoli, you too? – 앵콜요청금지 [@ MBC nanjang]
9. Cocoon BellsLove Love
10. China Monkey Brain – 제천대성

The new additions to the TOP100 list are the following:
32. Dareedaa – 정원
43. Hwang Eun Ji – 소리
46. Fanny FinkSnowdrop
74. Savina & DronesTime
77. Savina & Drones – Take It Slow Way
78. Hwang Eun Ji – 분명 너의 소리였는데 (Intro)
89. Cocoon Bells – 오늘 이 노래
90. Every Single Day – 낯선여행
93. YNot? – 세 발짝쯤
94. Dick Punks – 치어걸 [MV]
98. YNot? – 내게 있는 건

See the full top 100 list here.

코쿤벨즈(Cocoon Bells) - Cocoon BellsCocoon Bells first EP, a self-titled release, has been out since February 9. They offer an indie pop sound that would go well on Pastel but seem to be promoted by Ogam Entertainment. They do have a music video if you want to hear what they sound like, but strangely enough not for main track Love Love but for first track 나루.

차이나 몽키 브레인(China Monkey Brain) - Monkey GardenIndie rock/pop punk duo “invincibility” China Monkey Brain released its first mini album, Monkey Garden, on February 9. Main track 제천대성 can be sampled through their Cyworld Club together with title track 몽키가든, Mr.Right, 훨씬낫지 and 집.

장롱뮤직“Omnibus album” Music in the Chest – Garden is a new compilation distributed by Mirrorball Music, but it appears to also involve Cavare somehow. Introducing Karu Moonchanghae, Dareedaa, Drive Away, Lee Eunkyu and Heogidong Danpyunsun, I think it’s supposed to show off some Hongdae indie rock.

With a song on the Pasta soundtrack, it seems pop/rock trio Every Single Day has received some well deserved attention. 낯선여행 is a great track from my favorite album of theirs, their second full length released late 2004. Apparently an instrumental version of it has been used in the aforementioned drama series.

딕펑스(Dick Punks) - DickpunksAlthough the name seems to suggest some pretty hardcore punk act, Dick Punks seem to be more about fun indie rock stuff built around a piano. The self-titled first EP was released February 1 and from the album info it seems the four guys aspire to combine Beatles, Queen, Ben Folds, and Mika.

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  1. wassereis

    Serengeti on 3 :’D
    Hello, Bye.. is such a nice song

    a song called Naru? …. *somewhere else with the thoughts*
    oh, the goldfish’s name is Naru … and he dies!!;_; no~~~


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