Link roundup, week 2

A bunch of links from the week that is almost over:

한희정 - 끈Loveholics - In The Air티어라이너 (Tearliner) - Embrace All
Chris Park continues to be impressed by Han Hee Jung: 한희정 – 끈 (String) Review.
Other recent wakesidevision posts include:
Loveholics (러브홀릭스) – 1집 In The Air Review
Tearliner – Embrace All Review

Yesterday Violet Sweets reported that Lee Han Choul will start teaching at Dong-Ha Institute of Media and Arts: [Lee Han Chul] becomes Professor. A couple of days earlier news that The Pony‘s guitarist has left were posted: [Pony] Guitarist left.

Further, Violet Sweets reveals that the new Mintpaper compilation will have new songs from Oh Ji Eun and Autumn Vacation, among others: [Mintpaper] New Infos about LIFE.

And again, wassereis put her translation skills to good use for Violet Sweets when translating an interview with ByeBye Sea.

A couple of new overviews have been posted at make-shift cartology:
group overview: Peppertones [ 페퍼톤스]
artist overview: Whiru [휘루]

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