Apollo 18 & Jelly Boy reviewed

아폴로 18해파리 소년 1집 - Everyday Trouble
After a slight delay, Apollo 18‘s re-recorded Red album got released today. Chris Park is one of the fortunate that have already had a listen an he concluded that it is “amazing in every way”: Apollo 18 (아폴로 18) – Red Plus Review. Want to get a taste of the awesomeness yourself? The re-recorded version of Warm is this month’s South Korean MAP song!

But the Apollo 18 guys made some awesome music already before they formed the band. The bassist was once known as Jelly Boy, a solo project the other Apollo 18 members supported as session members. After being amazed by Apollo 18, refresh_daemon figured that maybe Jelly Boy too could be of interest and set out to sample the first Jelly Boy album: Inbox: 해파리소년 – Everyday Trouble

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