Indieful ROK Music Chart w.1

As promised, here is the first of Indieful ROK’s weekly charts! As opposed to the overall chart, which shows what Indieful ROK group members have listened to over a week, this chart – “unique for this group” – shows the artists group members have listened to that do not fall within the usual listening patterns for a user. So instead of 2PM (which is something a lot of people listen to) topping the chart, we have Humming Urban Stereo (that is something Indieful ROK readers were more likely to listen to than the rest of the populace during last week). Does it make sense?

If you have any opinions whatsoever on how this chart should be presented, feel free to speak up! This is just something I threw together in lack of better ideas. The videos linked for each artist corresponds to the most popular song from that artist during last week among all users.

Indieful ROK TOP10 – week 1, 2010
1. Humming Urban Stereo (+5) [Banana Shake MV]
2. Peppertones (new) [Victory YT audio]
3. Misty Blue (new) [봄의 왈츠를 위한 시계 YT audio]
4. Nell (-) [기억을 걷는 시간 MV]
5. Han Hee Jung (-2) [끈 YT audio]
6. Casker (new) [Discoid live]
7. Tearliner (+3) [바다여행 Coffee Prince excerpt]
8. Loveholic (new) [Sad Story lyrics/translation]
9. 3rd Line Butterfly (new) [무언가 나의 곁에 live]
10. Jaurim (-8) [Carnival Amour MV]

Don’t feel like the chart reflects your taste in music well enough? Join Indieful ROK’s group and maybe next week it’ll look a little better!

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