Mini interview with Glittering Blackness , Fall

Glittering Blackness,Fall
Today it is exactly 15 months since I learned of the existence of Glittering Blackness , Fall. Encouraged by Shay, I had ventured on a quest to find some proper Korean post-rock on MySpace and I was most impressed by what I found. At the time they politely declined a mini interview for Indieful ROK, but promised that they could do one once they had released something. Upon realizing that they were finally ready to release something, I once again asked if they’d be interested in answering a few questions of mine and this time the fortunate answer was yes:

Could you please start by introducing Glittering Blackness,Fall?
We have been friends since each of our bandmates’ bands used the same practice space in 2000. Then, 3 years ago 5 people, Goguma, Jaewook, Yang, Younghoon and Changhyun, started the band first. A year later, our media graphics part (Red Jellyfish) and engineer (Haksoo) joined us. So, that’s the present make-up of Glittering Blackness,Fall.

How would you describe your music, and where does a member resposible for motion graphic fit into this?
This question is pretty difficult for us because sometimes we can’t even explain how we feel or what we think to each other while we’re playing. Simply, we could say our music is based on post rock, but that’s not really enough. It’s better to say we are still working to figure that out. As for the media graphics part, we consider it to be another element of our band – the video, CD art works, band pictures, web designs, etc – comprise that aspect.

You recently finished recording, what can you share about this?
We can divide the meaning of our music into two groups. One side is about inherent thoughts, and another is about style.

Regarding the thoughts:
We have tried to express miserable and tragic failures caused, not by and individual, but by our society. And we also try and hope to express and also share encouragement and hope through our free will.

Regarding our style:
We have tried to exclude the modernist style as best we can. This is because we think that at the moment, most modern things are excessively sensible enough to make us react only to feelings. Therefore, we think it’s a way to let us have more room for thoughts and we hope that others catch on to it as well.

What comes next?
This past year we couldn’t play many shows because of recording. We hope to set up some shows that feature more of the media aspect. After we develop more media graphics, we hope to create music from this imagery.
We also set up our own label, and our website will be finished soon. Hopefully it will help to develop some other connections.

The songs they just finished recording will be released on an untitled album by the end of the month via their own label. Have a listen at MySpace!

Personally I think the idea of having somebody in the band responsible for graphics is fantastic – at least when it comes to this kind of music as in my experience that makes the live experience so much more substantial and memorable. So, if given the chance I hope you will consider attending any of their shows promoting the upcoming release, the first one currently planned for some time in March.

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