Electronica releases from the past couple of months

As you might’ve noticed there hasn’t really been that many release updates posted here lately. Electronica releases in particular have had to suffer, so in an attempt to make that up here’s what I should’ve posted on during the past couple of months, in chronological order:

시와무지개 - We are all together
October 8: SiwaRainbow is the joint project of female singer/songwriter Siwa and electronica guy Rainbow 99, perhaps most familiar as the guitarist of adultchild. First EP We Are All Together reminisces of Oldfish and as it happens it is released through his MagicStrawBerry sound. Sample the title track at Rainbow 99’s MySpace.

Aquibird - 싱숭생숭
November 4: lyrics for Aquibird returned in a new shape with EP 싱숭생숭. What once was an acid jazz/reggae duo appears to have now turned into a soft pop trio (or so the album info calls the current constellation), with the addition of a guitarist Lim Jung Woo and Lady Jane replaced by female vocalist Yoo-Yeon. The EP contains acoustic versions of 낯설지 않아 and 몽상 from the album debut alongside three new titles.

Astro Bits 2009
November 6: After a couple of years with nothing but remixes, Astro Bits finally released some own new material. Not that 2009 Single really offers more than a couple of tracks, but at least it’s something.

하우스룰즈 - Cheers!2009 Bling Bling Winter
November 11: Two new songs from House Rulez, Cheers! and After Party have been launched via single release Cheers!. Check out the trailer, or have a look behind the scenes of the MV making. On a side note, House Rulez were featured by Crown J on a track called Happy Dayz Part.2 for the 2009 Bling Bling Winter compilation, released November 30.

캐스커 (Casker) - Your Songs
November 25: Casker has released an EP called Your Songs. The 8 track tracklist includes two new versions of , released as digital single in August.

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