Free CD for You!

I think it’s time for a new free CD draw here! Being in Korea I’ve received a surprising amount of CDs, some even in spite of me insisting I already have the albums at home. The kind people sharing their wonderful music with me have then said to dispose of the CDs as I like, so I figured I should give them out through the blog. I also figured this would be a good opportunity to get a bit of input from you.

You see the “special features” link section in the sidebar? I’d like to have more stuff to put under there. I loved making the twee pop introduction (which btw will offer another bunch of free&legal mp3s as soon as I’m back in Sweden – more on that then) and would really like to make more of the kind as long as I know what you want to hear more of. Anything else that doesn’t go under the regular release updates/blog aggregation kind of posts would be really nice too, like a new post series or something, but I could use some fresh ideas.

So, if you want one of the albums this is the rule: by then end of Sunday (GMT) October 25, please send an email to telling me what kind of feature stuff you’d like to see at Indieful ROK. I’ll be giving out CDs to the winners of the draw more or less randomly, but if it makes any difference to you, please also specify whether you’d prefer a Pastel Music compilation or something awesome from Electric Muse. Thank you!

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