Indieful ROK on the radio

Hey everyone!

Korea has been nothing but awesome so far, with lots of super nice people, great food, and, of course, easy access to all of my favorite music. As you have probably noticed blogging has suffered a bit because of this, but in little more than a week things should be getting back to normal again. (Reminder: till then, twitter is good for anyone curious about what I’m doing while here.)

Tomorrow I’ll be on the radio for roughly an hour, talking about music and playing a bunch of songs (still working on the selection, but there might be an unreleased Tearliner song in an exclusive version). The show in question is On The Pulse at TBS eFM, which airs around Seoul, Busan, and Gwangju starting at 10 PM. After that you will have to wait 30 minutes or so to hear my nervous ramblings…

6 Comments Indieful ROK on the radio

  1. janet

    As I tuned in they were playing ‘Settle Down’ by the Pumpkins. :D
    It’s a good station~

    Whatever you pick is bound to be awesome. I will try to tune in!
    Best wishes. <3

  2. Yung

    I don’t have a twitter so I’m just going to reply here.

    Ah! I can’t believe you got to see Lucite Tokki! Jeals! For some reason, I’m not surprised that they were shy. Did you get your CD signed?…wait! new CD?! *goes off to sample*

  3. wassereis

    it’s awesome what you did all the time, even if I wouldn’t be in midterms, I wouldn’t know where to go ;_;

    definitely listening to that radio later :’D

  4. helikoppter


    And yes, I’ve been so lucky meeting all of these people while here! Lucite Tokki had been sitting two seats away during the Paris Match concert, so when it was over Eunjie Song introduced me. No signed CD (I didn’t think to ask) but we did take a photo together.


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