New resource for No Reply and Naru fans

And with the translations of wassereis mentioned twice already today, I think it’s time to announce that Indieful ROK has gotten a bit of competition in the form of wassereis’ new blog Violet Sweets. Here’s what she’s got to say about it:

I’ll post mostly about No Reply and Naru, but also about Mate, Super Kidd, Serengeti, Pony, W&Whale, My Aunt Mary and stuff I like. I’ll do summaries of articles but also post little information snippets that may be not that relevant but funny, interesting, or just good to know or things like that.

Great initiative, I think. And to make it even better she takes requests for k-indie related translations! I have a feeling there’ll be many more links from here to that direction in the future.

3 Comments New resource for No Reply and Naru fans

  1. refresh_daemon

    I just discovered wakesidevision this week too, while looking for reviews on Lucite Tokki’s new album. I like that we’re finding more English language reviews of kIndie out on the web.

  2. helikoppter

    @refresh_daemon I agree! And I really like that there are also these other sites/blogs primarily dealing with music from other parts of the world looking into some Korean music nowadays.

    @wassereis You are too kind! Though I still think No Reply & Naru fans will take pleasure in reading a more dedicated source :)


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