SUTASI Grand Final

The Sutasi Grand Final has now been held, and as reported previously Biuret and Peejay both won their respective categories. The final show clips are now up on YouTube:

SUTASI – Grand Final
-part 1: The Great Spy Experiment (Singapore) & Liu Jin (China)
-part 2: Biuret (Korea) & Kadangyan (Philippines)
Biuret performs Violet again in the first half.
-part 3: Nikhil D´Souza (India) & Infinity of Sound (Korea)
In the second half, IS performs 봄 (Spring) for the third time in Sutasi.
-part 4: Cassini’s Division (India) & Jessa Mae Gabon (Philippines)
-part 5: Jalebee Cartel (India) + songwriter category background stuff
-part 6: Winners: Peejay (Korea) & Biuret (Korea)
Together with Red-Roc, Peejay once again offers a performance of Butterfly and talks a bit about music. Biuret talk about their Sutasi experience and plays 웃지 않는 공주 (Frowning Princess) to the Sutasi audience again.

More on the Northeast Asia episodes and the songwriter episode leading up the the finals here.

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