Sunkyeol on YouTube

Here’s a bunch of YouTube clips while awaiting tomorrow’s Music Alliance Pact post!

Thanks to Janet Kupelian I came across Yeongene’s YouTube channel a YouTube channel from a big Yeongene fan which led me to two Sunkyeol vids from June 13 where Yeongene herself can be seen playing keyboard and drums:
sunkyeol@SSam (1) {마음을 둘 곳, 우리는 군주이고 하인이어라}
sunkyeol@SSam (2) {마녀와 다섯 명의 아이들}

Looking further, I also found a few vids recorded in April uploaded by ready4d:
sunkyeol -1- 음악이라 부르기로 한다
sunkyeol -2- 우리는 군주이고 하인이어라
sunkyeol -3- 마음을 둘 곳
sunkyeol -4- 마녀와 다섯 명의 아이들

As you’ll have gathered by now, there’ll be a Sunkyeol mp3 download up on this blog (and quite a few other blogs from all over the world) in not too long. Check back tomorrow to find out which one of their awesome songs I’ve selected to represent Korea in the August edition of MAP.

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