How about a new Pony?

포니 (Pony) 1집 - Pony [브로마이드]
Ruby Salon‘s The Pony appears to have dropped the “The” and released an album called, simply, Pony via Beatball Records on August 13. Two songs from last year’s digital single debut 왼편에서 (왼편에서 and 밤 새 미친 사랑을 나눠요) share the tracklist with 10 other titles. Sample 소란들 (Disturbance), 두 번째 넌 (2nd You), 당겨주오 (Shoot), 캐쉬백 (Cashback) and 목이 말라 죽겠어요 (Thirsty to Die) on MySpace, or check out this album teaser to get a taste of it all at once.

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