Postino releases in Europe

Hwang bo vs Postino & Shimty - ArisongPostino - Holy DeepPostino - Bushey Hill Jazz Jouse
The past 24h or so the K-pop blogs (allkpop : K Bites : Popseoul : seoulbeats) have been writing that singer Hwang-bo has released a track called Arisong off her upcoming album in Europe. Not really knowing who she is, the most interesting part of the news to me was that soft electronica guy Postino (who is no longer as soft) was involved. The song (and a dub version of it credited only to Postino) can be purchased and sampled through Juno Download where it was released July 31.

July seems to have been a busy month for Postino (who apparently released a digital single with a song called Continue under his own name, Lee Jun Ho, in May) on Juno Downloads. July 24, he put out a two track single called Holy Deep, which was preceded by a five track EP called Bushey Hill Jazz Jouse on July 13.

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  1. Nudeviking

    Hwang-bo, was a member of some third or fourth tier girl-group called Chakra around the turn of the century when that stuff was popular. She later pretended to be married to married to Kim Hyun Jung, the dude from SS501 and 꽃보다 남자…and there goes all my indie-cred. :(

  2. janet

    Chakra’s best known song is probably Come Back. They were actually not all that bad. Their gimmick was music and image that was more influenced by oriental and south east Asian accentuations and melodies vs. eurobeats or western pop like other k-pop girl groups of the y2k era. Hence the name Chakra.


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