Mini-interview with 13Steps

13 Steps (써틴 스텝스)
It’s August 20, and that means that hardcore band 13Steps‘ second full length album, Existence, is out! GMC Records‘ Kyono dedicated a blog post to it today with album sampler, Against All MV, and a long interview in Korean. However, if you don’t understand Korean here’s Indieful ROK’s own mini interview with the band:

What are 13Steps?
13Steps : Hello, We are a hardcore band called “13Steps”.
13Steps were formed in CheongJoo City 9 years ago.
And we have just put out a new album called “Existence”.

What does 13Steps sound like?
13Steps : We made a band, 13Steps just for hardcore scene and game and we think we have been trying to keep it for real. The music of 13Steps is based on hardcore and we grabbed some spices from Punk and Metal. Simply speaking, We are trying to make the toughest songs from all genres in music.

Though it’s often fairly difficult to hear your lyrics for the unexperienced listener, it’s evident that the vocals do matter. How important would you say that the actual lyrics are for your music?
Dokyo : Lyrics are very important parts. But I don’t think we gotta force lyrics to all kids. I usually write lyrics for 13Steps. And I don’t think everybody can agree with my idea about anything that I write because the thoughts people have are different. Well, I think I can say it’s just like looking up some person’s diary. Still I will be happy if people catch my ideas and got something in common though. Especially on this new album, I think there will be many people who can agree with my ideas because I wrote lyrics for this album about politics and social issues.

What do you want to say about Existence?
13Steps : We don’t know how much we have been trying to make this new album two-thumgs-up-one. I think EXISTENCE album is the toughest and perfectest one ever we can make by the name of 13STEPS. Please listen to this, even do steal and listen to it if u ain’t got money to buy the new album. And then please show yourself up for our shows if u could feel something from the album. Lastly, please show us big love. Thanx!

As mentioned previously I’m not much of a hardcore listener, yet 13Steps’ second full length album impressed me a lot. Those lyrics are quite catchy too – No Hope makes me wish I could just start screaming “Policies! Policies! Policies!” in a happy manner before helping out next time somebody asks me about policies at work. Though I’m afraid nobody would get the reference…

The album sampler is also available for listening through the MySpace of GMC Records. Check it out!

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