Pastel Music pays homage to Moonrise

결코 끝나지 않을 우리들의 이야기 [Hommage to Moonrise, Pastelmusic Presents]
There was a time when the foremost Korean indie label was called Moonrise Records. Today there’s a lot more competition, but I’m fairly certain there’s a lot of people that would put Pastel Music in that position. The two labels have seemed fairly close since the beginning of Pastel – when Pastel Music was still young it tied a bunch of Moonrise artists to itself, and Moonrise founder sweetpea‘s latest album was released through Pastel as well. To reinforce that impression of closeness Pastel will release a compilation called 결코 끝나지 않을 우리들의 이야기 Hommage to Moonrise Pastelmusic presents on July 30.

The compilation will be available both as a 3CD set and as a single CD. The single CD is full of Moonrise covers from Pastel artists, whereas the other two CDs in the set both compile some of the finest Moonrise songs. Aladdin has the full tracklist – I can almost promise you that’s an album you will want to have in your collection even if you already own every single Moonrise release. If you want to get a feeling for it right away – why not download the two Especially When songs at the bottom of this interview, or head over to my old mp3 blog for (what is now only a short) sample of Denci Hinji‘s Aspirin Boy? Also take notice of Yeongene‘s name on that tracklist. When I interviewed her for London Korean Links she said she was ashamed of her old songs and I got the impression she was not interested in releasing any of them, so unless you can dig up a copy of Raindrop says… (or the original Moonrise Compilation 2, of course) this may be your one chance to get your hands on a recording of Picky Girl.

On to that cover disc then – I’m always up for interesting covers, and this album I find extremely exciting. I’ll just add the tracklist so you can see for yourself (original artist in square brackets)
01. Lee Jin Woo – 아스피린 소년 [Denci Hinji]
02. 재주소년 – 농구공 [?]
03. Taru – Kiss Kiss [sweetpea]
04. Epitone Project – 고백 [Delispice]
05. Zitten – 동물원 [Thomas Cook]
06. Cloud Cuckoo Land – 돌이킬 수 없는 [sweetpea]
07. Casker – 떠나가지마 [sweetpea feat. Taru]
08. Sentimental Scenery – Sunday (remix) [My Aunt Mary?]
09. Lucite Tokki – 오, 나의 공주님 [sweetpea]
10. Epitone Project – 기도 [Where The Story Ends/W]
11. Slow 6 – 종이비행기 [Delispice]
12. Yozoh – 귤 [재주소년]
13. Merry Clave – 당분인간 [Denci Hinji]
14. Fanny Fink – 봉인 [sweetpea feat. TOY/Yoo Hee Yeol]

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