New Frenzy on MySpace

The elegantly pathetic shoegazer act Frenzy said in the mini-interview for Indieful ROK that they were hoping to release their first album this July. I’m not quite sure what’s happened with that, but those of you expecting to hear some new awesome instrumental music from the band this month are not out of luck: yesterday a bunch new songs were uploaded to Frenzy’s MySpace!

There’s a new mix of Byeol Ju Bu Jeon (quite post-rock-ish that one, previously uploaded in a Jaym MIX version), several versions of Icarus (including Icarus! and Icarus?), and Lily. Apparently I had missed the time before this when they updated with a Denci Hinji mix of Bye and a tokyorama mix of Just Fucking Night, and if you did too that’s even more new awesomeness to enjoy right away.

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