MBC drama Triple music special

Judging from the google searches leading new visitors to this blog, there seems to be a big interest in music related to MBC’s drama series Triple (트리플). Granted most of the searchers are looking for downloads, but since I can offer nothing of the sort I figured it’d be a good idea to collect some old links that might be of interest instead:

tearliner – Hence The Human Drama
tearliner – 그의 희망 – new! (July 25)
tearliner – 사람은 섬이다 [Guide-2]
tearliner – 슬프지만 현실
tearliner – 하루 안아주기

OST tracklists
June 19 2009: digital single
July 14 2009: full OST

Lists over background music
Episode 1-4
Episode 5-8

(This post will be updated whenever new Triple related posts show up on the blog)

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