The Meaning of Fish, Part II Swimmin’ Fish

Updating the “special features” section in the side-bar with a few older entries I realized it’s been almost a year since I kicked off a feature called The Meaning of Fish here at Indieful ROK without proceeding further. Basically it stems from a curiosity both orienkorean and I share regarding the frequent use of “fish” in Korean band names. When given the opportunity I’ve tried to investigate the matter, and this feature is a way for me to present my results to the public. If any of you know anything that could shine some additional light on the subject, please feel free to step forward. For Part I we covered The Invisible Fish. Here’s Part II:

The Meaning of Fish, Part II: Swimmin’ Fish
A couple of years ago I interviewed The Swimmin’ Fish for London Korean Links and this was their answer to a question relating to their band name:

Actually, there is no meaning.
Just when fish born, of cause that fish will swimming. Yeah it’s us.
Like fish, we are plying music when we born?
And it have some our hope, like naver get a lost in the ocean, we hope don’t get a lost our road in ocean, named music.

Forgot or never knew what they sound like? Try 떠나가 버려 on YouTube, check out the songs on their profile page at SSamnet, or listen to short samples of most of what they’ve recorded in the soft music section at Red House Studio & Entertainment.

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