Tearliner release mania!

My favorite Tearliner made me very happy the other day when he posted his release plans for 2009 – keeping that schedule he’ll certainly be very busy this year, but I’m sure he’ll be able to make it. So, in addition to making the soundtrack for Triple (트리플, the next drama of Coffee Prince producer Lee Yoon Jung) with an expected release in June or July, we can expect four singles and one full length album from Tearliner before the year is over:
Embrace All single (May)
Love Traveler single (July)
– 사랑은 잠시 single (August)
– 달콤한 계절 single (September)
– 잿빛정원 album (November)

I know that Liner has plenty of great songs waiting in his drawers, but still – so many singles! I was worried that they might all be digital singles, but Liner told me they would also be released on CD. And to make it even better, each single will have 3-5 B-sides!

I can hardly wait! If you can’t either, here’s the tracklist for the Embrace All single – follow the links in the square brackets to hear older versions of those songs. And keep in mind that most likely they will be even more awesome when released.
01 – Embrace All [Guide-1(Intro)] [Mixed-C]
02 – ‘Radio Rabelde’
03 – Gazer Razer (original ver.) [Studio Live Ver.]
04 – Final Scene [2006 guide ver.]
05 – Yst [Inst. Guide-1]
06 – She’s Lovely [Guide-1]

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