Misty Blue and a quarter Sentimental Con.Troller

Yes! It will actually happen – one of Pastel‘s very finest, Misty Blue, will put out a new CD some time in May. It was first announced early August, and there was that issue with them looking for a guitarist that had at least some of us worry we would have to wait even longer (it’s already been four years!), but for our patience we will soon be rewarded with 1/4 Sentimental Con.Troller – 봄의 언어: seven lovely new Misty Blue songs. OK, so the date isn’t all set yet, it seems, but at least there’s a cover. And a tracklist. And samples even! If you’re having trouble taking on the (pretty, but pretty much unusable) Pastel site to get to all of this, you might find that just dropping by the slow days blog is much easier.
Update 090504:Hyang Music has the release date listed as May 13!

2 Comments Misty Blue and a quarter Sentimental Con.Troller

  1. Shay

    This is certainly good news! I really enjoyed Misty Blue’s first album but considering the time since, I had almost forgotten =P hehe, I gotta get that release back in rotation.

  2. stephen

    Thanks for the update! Can’t wait! I’m a big Misty Blue fan and actually was listening to their first album while writing this comment…


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