Asia Independent Music Awards 2009

Yesterday I learned about this great Malaysian initiative, Asia’s First Independent Music Awards, AVIMA 2009! During a few months artists from 16 Asian countries have nominated about 1000 songs in various categories, and the final nominees were made official a few days ago. You’ll find the Korean acts that made it to the finals below and the full list is available at at The award winners will be announced during a global web event March 29.

Currently you can listen to all songs from the Best Pop Song, Best Rock Song, Best Hip Hop Song and Best Dance Song through AVIMA’s Popfolio profile. I’ll return with more details once I know where the rest of the samples have ended up, and where the global audience online voting site is located.

Best Pop/R&B Song
Find Away – APLS

Best Pop Act (Group/duo)
No Reply

Best Rock Act (Group/duo)

Best Instrumental
One day on moon – Jang Sei Yong
The ship is going down – Skasucks
Night Flight – Oriental Express

Best Song To Play At Camp Fire and To Do Away With Monday Morning Blues (for all songs acoustic, folk or mellow)
Love Song – Oh Ji Eun
Propose a day – No Reply

Genre Bending-Mindboggling-Out of this world Track!
Skaholic – Skasucks

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