Pavlov competition, take 2.

파블로프 (Pavlov) - 반드시 크게 들을 것
So obviously that Pavlov poll isn’t functioning too well, so I suppose it’s better to just do this the plain old way.

I wish to give away two copies of Pavlov‘s debut EP, 반드시 크게 들을 것. It’s the least I can do for messing up before MAP, February 2009 edition… For you to have a chance to get one of them, I want you to visit Pavlov’s MySpace, listen to the songs, and then inform me (in whichever way you prefer) which song was your favorite – preferably with a few words on why this is too – no later than March 7. Thanks!

2 Comments Pavlov competition, take 2.

  1. yonggaksan

    stumbled upon your site from a link posted at orienkorean’s youtube channel. i didn’t even know misoni had music videos. only read a few pages of your blog so far but nonetheless, you guys are doing a good deed for humankind. many thanks.

  2. Shay

    Checked out the songs and these guys are great! Straight-up rock ‘n roll.

    I like all the tracks I heard but “Maybe I’m Not Right” has got to be my favorite. It’s pretty intense and I LOVE the bass line at the beginning & throughout the entire song as well as the chanting chorus.


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