Upcoming Pastel releases

Pastel Music has updated its 파스텔 Release BBS topic to cover releases August through November 2008.
– Thanks to Matt we’ve already reported on the album plans of Misty Blue and Casker, but it seems there are also plans for Casker to release a mini album.
– Sentimental Scenery will release his first real full album. Since 2006 this shibuya-kei style artist has already had several digital releases, including the album Sentimentalism, but this will be his first own release since taking home the singer/songwriter category of last year’s Pastel audition.
Yozoh should release something called yozoh & friends. Dare we guess it’s an album featuring some of the collaborations she’s been involved in already alongside some new projects?
Zitten, that won the band category of last year’s Pastel audition, will release their first full album, 짙은. Zitten is a major favorite of mine and having already heard their first album demo, Fragile, this release is the one I’ve anticipated the most for 2008.
Be aware that these announcements from Pastel tend to be somewhat incorrect, but at least they give you a clue on what’s going on ^^

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