New from My Aunt Mary

마이 앤트 메리 (My Aunt Mary) 5집 - Circle윤상 Song Book: Play With Him!
My Aunt Mary is back! Almost exactly two years since the release of Drift, this accomplished modern rock band returns with its fifth full length album – Circle – on December 17. Ten new tracks, including 굿바이 데이 featuring former Loveholic vocalist Jisun.

Though there is more to expect from My Aunt Mary already on December 11. That is the date of the release of Yoon Sang Songbook: Play with him. My Aunt Mary has recorded 행복을 기다리며 for it and the tracklist holds another bunch of interesting names including Peppertones with Runner’s high, W&Whale with 소리, Casker with 흩어진 나날들, and Astro Bits with 질주.

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