Yozoh, Yozoh and Yozoh

My-Q - ReplayYozoh - Morning StarYozoh - Traveler
Things seem to have been quite busy recently for Korea’s foremost indie darling Yozoh. Yesterday, October 6, My-Q released a digital single called Replay upon which Yozoh was featured on the “accoustic version” of a song called 일년 후. Come today, Yozoh herself released a one track digital single called 모닝 스타. This song will also be featured on Yozoh’s first real solo album, Traveler – to be released on October 21. The album will contain 11 tracks, including a Belle Epoque version of the sugary sweet 하모니카 소리.

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  1. indieROK

    Did anyone catch Yozoh as part of the Pastel/indie super troika on Yoon Do-hyun’s show, singing with Taru and Han Hee-jeong? Awesome to see them all together!


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