“No Brain has no brain”, rants SparkPlugged

On the very fine blog of SparkPlugged a rant posted today drew my attention towards Bigbang’s (that’d be the YG group) and No Brain‘s collaboration for Bigbang’s Stand Up mini album a couple of months ago: Oh My Friend. You be the judge of whether the rant was justified or not (if nothing else it’s a fun read), but while we’re on the subject: this was not the first time No Brain lost a fan after mixing with the wrong people.

2 Comments “No Brain has no brain”, rants SparkPlugged

  1. Shay

    Thanks for the compliments on the blog, reading, and the link :) Yeah, between this and what you linked to, No Brain sure knows how to lose fans :P Keep it up guys, hehe. Great site btw, I linked you. Keep the good indieful rok coming.


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