A couple of kpop releases…

Noblesse - Broken Heart SyndromeA.bridge Kim Hyo Youn 1st digital single
Perhaps I’m contradicting myself already, but I’ll leave that for you to decide. Here’s an update on a few women that have previously had an appeal to Korean music listeners regardless of preferred type of music:

Former Vibe member Noblesse released an EP called Broken Heart Syndrome on September 11. A majority of the songs feature female colleagues. First out is Daylight, joining him for 상심증후군, and on the title track there are vocals from Sang Sang Band’s Venny – who seems to be in the process of pursuing a solo career, releasing a self titled digital EP back in March and all.

It could just be my imagination, but I’m thinking Kim Hyo Youn had more of a rock attitude when she was still going by the alias A.bridge. The ballads I’ve heard from her lately hasn’t impressed me much, but I have yet to lose interest completely. Most recently (September 19), she released a digital single called 너 없이 난 featuring not only that song, but a bunch of other songs from her “first” album, In Dreams, in Chinese versions.

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