Sorri interviewed in Swedish public service radio

While I had missed that Sorri was about to visit Sweden, Sweden’s public service radio did not. P2’s show Felicia got a visit from her in the studio for a brief interview and a song in a program that aired yesterday. The main part is in Swedish, but all questions are translated to Korean and answered in Korean by Sorri.

If you want to have a listen, head over here, follow the link (but make sure to allow popups first) check the radio box with the media player you prefer (RealPlayer or Windows Media) and press the button that says “Spara”. The part with Sorri begins at 08:10.

For those of you that understand neither Swedish nor Korean, here’s a rough translation of the parts in Swedish:

F: Welcome to Felicia, Sorri.
S: Tack så mycket. (speaking Swedish – “thank you very much”)
F: Howcome you’re in Sweden? It’s pretty far from Korea.
– So, Sorri has been invited to sing at the Korean film festival that opens here in Stockholm at Zita tonight.
F: Do you know of, or possibly listen to any Swedish artist?
– Cardigans is something that Sorri gladly listens to, as is Club 8 that is a Swedish group that I don’t know about and that not so many in Sweden knows about and that’s evidently really big in Korea.
F: You are both musician and songwriter. Which influences do you have?
– Sorri listens mostly to Korean music and to some Brazilian music, because in many of her songs one can hear a rhythm that reminisces of the bossa nova, that actually is a traditional Korean rhythm.
F: How is it to be a female artist, then, in Korea?
– As usual the appearance is very important, but female musicians take more and more space also in Korea.
F: How important are your lyrics, and what subjects to you prefer to write about?
– Sorri writes, of course, from her own experiences and here will she now present her song.
– And this song deals with rain as a metaphor for tears, that it is pleasant to cry and that it is pleasant, with a heavy rain.

The song starts at 12:00. Seems to be a new track?

F: Thanks and bye.
S: Ah, is it finished? Thank you so much.
– Said Sorri, that sang and played one of her own songs. And in Swedish, its title could be “after the rain“.

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