Dawny’s solo album finally to be released!

한희정 1집 - 너의 다큐멘트
Bluedawn‘s Dawny, a.k.a. Han Hee Jeong will finally release her first solo album on July 24. Unlike her previous band mate, that released the first EP of his solo project The Invisible Fish by himself, Han Hee Jeong is still with Pastel Music. The title of the album is 너의 다큐멘트 (your document) and it will feature 10 tracks, including 우리 처음 만난 날 that was previously released on Pastel’s 12 Songs About You compilation. Last year she appeared on MOT‘s second album, adding her pretty voice to 서울은 흐림. MOT’s vocalist, Aeon, has now returned the favor and will appear on a track called drama.

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