Artist TALK Party: Thinking in Music with Hugh Keice & Peterpan Complex @ London, England

The next TALK party to be hosted by KCCUK goes under the title Thinking in Music and, as the title implies, will be on the theme of music. Hugh Keice and Peterpan Complex will both be performing at the event after which there’ll be talks about the current trends of independent music in the world. Both Liverpool Sound City CEO David Pichilingi and Ruby Records CEO Lee Kyu Young will be part of the panel.

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Hugh Keice Does Off The Record

Singer-songwriter Hugh Keice has been back home in Korea for a while now, playing his last show tonight before heading back to London where he and his band will play the Can’t Afford The Rock Festival on March 8th. While in Korea he recorded a couple of Off The Record videos for two songs from… Continue reading