Gaon Charts February 2016

Korea’s national music chart Gaon published the charts for February today. Here’s a look at how the local indie music managed during the month. Gaon Korean Album Chart January proved to be a relatively good month for Korean indie albums sales, but the same unfortunately can’t be said of the Korean album chart for February… Continue reading

Mini-Interview with Earip

One of the early bands I came across when I first started listening to Korean indie music was that of modern rock/indie pop band Sweater. Besides the nice melodies, the biggest allure to Sweater was the vocals provided by Earip. She put out her first solo release in 2005 and with her songwriting skills and… Continue reading

Randomness #30

Time goes by so quickly. This is nothing new, of course, but I think it holds more true during summer. And I thought having a family with a young kid staying with me and my husband for a month would feel like a long time, yet now it seems they left too soon. The 4… Continue reading