Mini-Interview with SALTNPAPER

MYK may be best known for his work in hip-hop, but his songwriting skills extend farther. A couple of weeks ago he released his first mini album under the alias SALTNPAPER offering more of a modern rock oriented sound. Already from the brief samples in the the trailer it was clear that the SALTNPAPER mini… Continue reading

Mini-Interview with 404

I often claim that I listen to all sorts of music, but I have extra respect for the intriguing work created with that special creativity I think characterizes the musicians that have now come to frequent Mullae-dong. 404 is certainly no exception, and thanks to Park Daham of new label Helicopter Records I got the… Continue reading

Mini-Interview with Big Baby Driver

After a fairly quiet existence on Korea’s indie scene for over a decade, suddenly this summer everybody were listening to Big Baby Driver. A couple of  songs of hers were featured in SBS drama A Gentleman’s Dignity (신사의 품격) making it so far as the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100, and before long her Tumblr was flooded with messages… Continue reading

Mini-Interview with KimC

KimC should require no introduction. It’s a name wellknown even in the mainstream through his years on the popular variety show 1 Night 2 Days (1박2일).  He’s also been a regular on several other variety shows and has done a bit of acting on top of that — most recently spotted in Shut Up! Flower… Continue reading

Mini-Interview with E9

About a year ago I became acquainted with E9 through Facebook and Twitter. Not only a very amiable band, they’re also a band of high ambitions with a sound that was an instant hit with me. Fairly late I realized that I had listened to and liked E9 already several years ago as I again… Continue reading