Idol Profile: Wagwak

It’s been a couple of years since Wagwak re-located from Seoul to Stockholm, Sweden. The music scene differs quite a bit between the 2 cities–especially when it comes to opportunities to play gigs–but nevertheless there have been the occasional shows. This Saturday, September 13th, it’s time for Wagwak to take on the stage at Bar… Continue reading

[BSL] Interview with Combative Post

Korea’s hardcore scene is still small but there are some great active bands and the scene is continuously evolving. Here is a band that embodies the evolution of Korea’s hardcore scene and has recently released an official album. It’s taken them 10 years to record this album. The Ghost is enough to prove that evolution. In their words about the band and the album, wit and seriousness coexist.

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Mini-Interview with Tearliner

For many years, whenever somebody would ask me about my favorite artist my definite answer was Tearliner. Since the first album+single in 2005 Tearliner would have my go-to music for just about any occasion. Always craving more of his musical genius I spent hours an hours listening through all the guide versions he’d posted on… Continue reading