Mini-Interview with Atmo

There are some musicians I trust to always deliver regardless of what new directions they take. Kim Daeinn aka jellyboy is definitely one of them. The first time he teamed up with jellyboy session musicians to make a new band Apollo 18 happened. Now he’s put together a band to bring new life to some of his jellyboy material: Atmo. The band’s first performance took place on October 24th and I took that as an excuse to find out if only a little bit more.


What is the story behind Atmo?
Actually we met together for the 3rd jellyboy album. Because I had a bunch of new songs for jellyboy.
I made these songs 7 years ago, before Apollo18. And I didn’t want them to be spoiled in my computer anymore.

Now we have 10 songs and I realized I don’t want to make a new album for jellyboy but a new band. So, we decided to start a new band called ATMO. ATMO means “at the moment”.

V – 김수진(Kim su jin)
B – 박현석(Park hyun seok)
G – 김대인(Kim dae inn)
D – 김태호(Kim tae ho)

What are the similarities and differences between Atmo and your solo work as Jellyboy?
Nothing like similarities. Atmo is a heavy rock band and a new beginning.

How did the first gig go?
The show was good. It was a small audience but looked so good~

What are your current plans?
Now we’re practicing and drinking for a 1st full-length album in spring 2015. It will be awesome.


And I’m sure it will be! What I’ve heard of unreleased jellyboy songs in the past has been great and from Apollo 18 we all know Kim Daeinn does wonders also while being heavy. Unfortunately there is no video on YouTube from the show Atmo played so far, but I’m hoping for that to be corrected next time.

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