Mini-Interview with Maansun

A couple of weeks ago Maansun opened. It’s a well-curated online store for Korean independent digital contents and although the catalogue is currently small I found it very impressive. Eager to learn more about this new venture I reached out to the team behind Maansun with a few questions. Why was Maansun created? Listening to… Continue reading

Mini-Interview with Lang Lee

Two months ago Lang Lee released her second full-length album. It’s a very strong release with great songs, intriguing arrangements, and of course Lang Lee’s characteristic vocals. Billed as her last album, however, it caught fans by surprise. I was as confused as anybody else and figured that the best way to get some clarity… Continue reading

Mini-Interview with PAKK

On the 1st of November 2015, Atmo announced that the band would henceforth be known as PAKK. PAKK is led by Kim Daeinn aka jellyboy who just so happens to be one of my favorite musicians since about a decade ago. For some background on PAKK, check out IROK’s mini-interview with Atmo from 2014. While… Continue reading

Interview with 49 Morphines

Last year back in June, I went to the Clandestino Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden. What initially caught my attention was the fact that Black String and Jambinai would be performing there. As Black String were getting ready to start performing on the first day, a group of people suddenly sat down next to me. They… Continue reading