Mini-Interview with Secret Asian Men

Although it was clear from first listen that Secret Asian Men‘s Secrets Beyond The Room was a great album it really wasn’t until I was compiling my ten favorite Electric Muse releases that I realized fully just what a perfect indie pop gem it is. After playing the entire album on repeat for a couple of weeks I was happy to learn that the band was about to return with a brand new EP. Curious to learn more about Secret Asian Men I prepared a few questions that have now been answered.

Who are the Secret Asian Men?

Secret Asian Men was formed in 2012 during studying in Japan. Members Heo Sejung (vocals, guitar) and Lee Sang Woo (Synth) met in music school and started Secret Asian Men. In 2015, hometown friend Kim Yeonjong (bass) joined and the band officially released digital singles Money and Sway Away, and in 2016 1st album Secrets Beyond The Room.

How did you find your sound?

Memories from childhood mostly like landscapes of Europe, watching MTV, record shops, cassette tapes and films.

Why are your lyrics all in English?

I was influenced by western music so it was comfortable to express myself that way.

What’s the story behind Contrast?

After releasing Secrets Beyond The Room we had many chances to perform live gigs and we felt we didn’t have enough songs to express energy at stage, and that’s how it began. We wanted to push ourselves to write some more 90’s sounds like shoegazing Lo-Fi stuffs so we tried to make some different changes in recording process and music videos.

Secret Asian Men’s EP Contrast offers five new titles and was released on September 12. While somewhat different in style from the band’s previous album, it’s a compelling listen that holds up well even after repeated plays.

The Contrast release show will take place in Seoul at the STUMP this coming Saturday, October 21st. Guest artist during the show will be new hot band Se So Neon, appearing just a few days before the release of Se So Neon’s debut EP.

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