It’s been 3 years since rapper Addsp2ch came out with his Elements Combined LP. He’s back again and this time he’s teamed up with fellow bigdeal member – producer Mild Beats. M and A: Mergers and Acquisitions was released today. There are 18 tracks in this album and only (and I mean that in a… Continue reading

LO joins GMC Records

South Korea’s top hardcore label GMC Records has a new family member – LO. In this 3-piece screamo/punk/alternative band, the guitar/vocals (Ian Eu-Min Gallagher) and bass (Shin Seung Jae a.k.a Pboy) are from the melodic hardcore band Unroot. The drummer, Ryu Myung Hoon (Ryutaro), is from the screamo/hardcore band 49Morphines. They’re planning on releasing their… Continue reading

Judgement Night Vol. 1

I was scrolling down the Concert Calendar at Mark Russell’s Korea Gig Guide today and there was one concert announcement that caught me by surprise. The upcoming event i’m talking about is the one that will take place at Sangsang Madang Live Hall on May 24. Two Korean underground labels – GMC Records [hardcore] and… Continue reading

Upcoming hiphop albums

According to hiphopplaya, a couple of my most anticipated Korean hip hop albums are coming out this month: The Quiett‘s Back On The Beats Mixtape Vol. 1 (April 17th) Loptimist‘s second album Mind-Expander (April 29). A good number of underground American rappers (like K-Otix and Army of The Pharaohs, to name a couple) have made… Continue reading

Mongoose’s Final Show

Last Saturday, The Mongoose had their final show “Dancing In The Moonlight: Adios! Mongoose… in Seoul”. They were a synth-pop indie band from Beatball Records. Ringu (링구) – the drummer of the band – is off to the army. He released a solo album last November titled “Moonbeam”, under the moniker Leopon. You can listen… Continue reading

Broke In Korea #5

The fifth issue of ‘Broke In Korea’ came out a couple of weeks ago. If you’re not familiar with Broke, it’s a Korean punk ‘zine (written in English). The contributors to the ‘zine are mostly foreigners who are active in the South Korean punk scene. You’ll find a number of social and political commentaries in… Continue reading